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      Craig Nessan

      Life of Faith, Life of the World

      God creates you in God’s own image
      We are made for relationship
      Buber’s I-Thou: subject to subject
      Levinas: transcendence in the face of another person
      Bonhoeffer: Jesus Christ mediating every relationship
      Where two or three are gathered, I am in your midst
      The conversation and consolation of the sisters and brothers: means of grace
      The Triune God extending communion to us in life giving relationships
      We are the shalom of God

      God creates with the Word
      The Word became flesh and dwelt among us
      Incarnation: bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh
      Jesus Christ as Living Word
      Scripture as Living Word
      Proclamation as Living Word
      The promises of God on the lips of the baptized: Word of God
      The promises of God in Jesus Christ spoken on your lips: Word of God
      We are voice of God bearing Christ

      Jesus washes disciples’ feet
      Jesus washes your feet
      A new commandment
      Love one another
      Do you see what I have done for you?
      As I have washed your feet,
      So you wash one another’s feet
      The sacrament of foot washing
      We are the love of God

      Spirit of God giving life to the world
      Creation sustained again today by Spirit of God
      Breath in you: Spirit of God
      Spirit of God in the groaning of creation
      Spirit of God in human suffering
      Spirit of God in your suffering
      My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
      The absolute hiddenness of God: theology of the cross
      Dead silence

      Resurrection of the crucified and buried one,
      Still bearing the marks of the nails, the thorns, the spear
      We are the suffering of God

      As you do it to the least of these, so you do it to me
      Jesus Christ as the hungry, thirsty, homeless, little ones
      This my body, this my blood
      Do this to remember me
      We eat and we drink; we chew and swallow
      We ingest the body of Christ
      The body of Christ eats us
      We become body of Christ
      We are body of Christ

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