The task force that is leading the Life of Faith Initiative seeks to involve as many people, organizations, and networks as possible to:

  • Equip congregations as teaching and learning communities to fulfill their mission of equipping the baptized for their ministries in daily life.
  • Expand and strengthen the network of teaching and learning communities: lay schools for ministry, campus ministries, congregations, camps, social ministry organizations, service learning opportunities, schools, colleges and universities, and seminaries.
  • Create teaching and learning communities in other innovative forms, places, and contexts.
  • Develop a network of support for those already involved in this work.
  • Generate reflection and discussion on what we mean when we talk about church.
  • Inspire experimentation and share what is learned about how to be a gathered–scattered church.
  • Provide a web-based cache of resources, including a set of core resources available at no cost.
  • Curate and distribute best practices in teaching and learning related to the initiative.

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Our vision

Our objectives

What you can do

Key terms

Download a Primer (in PDF) that contains all of this information. It’s printable, or it can be downloaded and attached to an email so that you can share the Initiative’s purpose with others.

Download a flyer (in PDF) that is a condensed version designed to be shared with others. If you would like to print this flyer download this version. (Print this image on both sides of  8.5×11″ paper, then cut in half to make a double-sided, 8.5×5.5″ flyer.)

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