We have developed a number of videos over the years to help you understand and implement the principles of the Life of Faith Initiative. Feel free to share the links to these videos with others. You can download the videos as well for use in your congregation.* Make sure to click the Full-Screen icon for best viewing.

Our Introductory Video

A Two-minute Trailer for the Introductory Video

An Animated Council Meeting on Zoom

Exploring how your congregation’s life might change when you seek to empower members for ministry in their everyday lives.

How does the Life of Faith Initiative Change Members’ Lives?

This is a recording of a panel discussion between Pastor Jason Van Hunnik and five members of Westwood Lutheran Church, reflecting on how their understanding of being called to serve our neighbors in the everyday activities of our lives has changed over the course of the congregation’s multi-year emphasis on call and vocation.

Introductory workshops

For a deeper orientation to the initiative, watch the recording of this webinar. (If you’ve already seen the introductory video, above, you can skip from the 18:45 minute mark to 38:08.)

For in-depth help with the principles of the initiative and how to incorporate them in your context, watch the recording of this online workshop.

Interview Sermons

Westwood Lutheran Church in St. Louis Park, MN, is using occasional interview sermons to empower members to speak to how their faith connects with their life in the world. You can watch some of them here:
Our Callings at Work
Our Vocations with Aging Parents
Our Callings with Family and Friends
The Vocation of a Newly-engaged Couple

Resurrection Lutheran Church in Channahon, Illinois, is engaging in the practice of testimony during worship. In this wonderful audio clip (with captioning) Heather discusses her ministry as a hairdresser.

The Southeastern Iowa Synod produced two 90-second videos on vocation that are available for your use. The first one is a “person on the street” interview exploring the confusion over vocation; the second one is a “revelation” over how we live out our vocation.

* To download the embedded videos, right-click on the video while it is playing. To download the linked videos, right-click to download the video.)