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Daily Life

The baptized are summoned to service of God in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit not only through their involvements on behalf of their congregation, as important as these forms of service remain. Rather, the call to ministry extends into all the spheres of influence in which the baptized find themselves, seven days a week, twenty four hours a day.

Deacon/Diaconal Minister

A baptized minister called to Word and Service ministry on behalf of the church. This ministry involves the proclamation and teaching of the Word of God and service to the neighbor in particular areas of specialization. Deacons/diaconal ministers perform a twofold service in the life of the church: 1) to offer their own gifts in service to neighbors in their particular areas of specialization and 2) to serve as a catalyst in the life of the church, in order that all the baptized are equipped and empowered for their own ministries of word and service.


Derived from Greek, the ministry or service offered on behalf of one’s neighbor.


The process by which one reflects upon one’s call to ministry from God. All baptized persons are called by God to ministry and are given gifts to be shared in service to neighbors. All baptized persons are encouraged to engage in faith practices and to participate in Christian community to assist in this process of reflection upon one’s call to ministry.

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