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A translation of the Greek word, diakonia, the service offered on behalf one’s neighbors.

Ministry by the Baptized

One of the central tenets of the Reformation involved Luther’s affirmation of the universal priesthood (sometimes referred to as the priesthood of all believers). This affirmation, however, has remained an unfulfilled promise of the Reformation, insofar as Lutheran churches developed and perpetuated their own forms of ministerial hierarchy. The Life of Faith Initiative aims to reinvigorate the focus on ministry by all the baptized at the observance of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Ministry in Daily Life

This term encompasses all the ways that the baptized are involved in service to neighbors in their spheres of influence. The all-inclusive character of the diakonia of the baptized is expressed in the following three claims: 1) Ministry Is Daily Life, 2) Daily Life Is Ministry, and 3) You Are a Minister.

Missional Church

A renewal movement within Christianity at the end of the Christendom era, which focuses on the mission of Triune God (missio Dei) as the reason for the church’s existence. The church is not an end in itself but an agent of God’s mission. While this renewal movement has primarily given attention to the development of focused mission on the part of congregations, the Life of Faith Initiative seeks to give attention to the ministry by the baptized in their arenas of daily life as the primary focus for what it means to be missional church in our time.

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